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New Release

One Highway - Single

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One Highway

by Hourly Rate

MInimum Wage

by Hourly Rate

We are hourly Rate

Based out of Reno/Tahoe, the band formed while working together at various jobs. Hourly Rate brings to light the basis of how we value and choose to live our lives, usually based upon an Hourly Rate. The front of our album is the dream of what we think about in our offices and warehouse jobs, the back of the cover and album title, "Minimum Wage" is that first job you are stuck with, the one you have to get through when you are just getting going. Minimum Wage is our first EP and we are proud to share it with you. Our band met in the workplace, and we hope to have music get us out of the office into a new workplace on stage, after all, aren't we all working for something?